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Whether you are a vegan book author, entrepreneur, retailer, chef, nutritionist, blogger, or jack-of-all-trades, Vegan Mainstream’s courses are designed to help your business thrive.

Grow A Business That Supports Your Vegan Passion

Wondering which one of these courses is the best fit for your business and the stage you are at now? Check out the course descriptions below:

Ready to Start: The Passionate Entrepreneur -- If you’ve been thinking about making a change and becoming a vegan entrepreneur, or if you’re in the beginning phases of a new vegan business, this course is for you. The Passionate Entrepreneur will provide the help you need to start and launch your vegan business, and confidence in the fact that you are doing everything that needs to be done to give your business a strong foundation and set yourself up for long-term success.

Ready to Grow: The Profitable Coach -- If you’ve been running your consulting/coaching business for a while but you’ve hit a plateau, you feel like you’re stuck in the mud, or you’re stumbling on the business side of things, this course is for you. The Profitable Coach will help you build a sound structure for your coaching/consulting business, making the “business side” of your business effortless, so you can spend more time and energy doing what you love to do -- coaching!

Cooking Class Success: The Savvy Instructor -- If you’ve been running your cooking/nutrition class business for a while now but you’re overwhelmed by the business side of things and trying to fill your classes, this course is for you. The Savvy Instructor will help you create an actionable plan for marketing and sales, one that helps you fill your cooking classes effortlessly. You’ll learn how to hit your financial targets on a consistent basis, build and implement a sound business structure and manage your time and resources with ease.

Still not sure if one of these is right for you?
We have put together sneak previews of each course, to give you a feel for how the course and platform work, and for the type of content you can expect in each course. Choose your sneak preview here:

Build Your Skills

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We offer a variety of online courses which will help you build important skills to run your vegan business more efficiently. Our course offerings range from topics like email marketing to building your coaching business, and much more. They are based on the needs of the clients we have worked with over the years, and key concepts we have seen to make the most difference in business success.


There are so many tools out there, it can be overwhelming to not only choose one, but to then learn how to get the most benefit out of it for your vegan business. Our online courses walk you through tried and true tools that will increase productivity in a variety of key business areas. Learn how to pick the most useful ones for YOUR business, and how to implement them to your greatest advantage.


We know that vegan entrepreneurs are busy people. That's why our online courses are set up in such a way that you can learn at your own pace, and yet still be challenged to find the time to complete the tasks at hand. While much of the coursework can be done at your own convenience, many of the courses also include live sessions to help you stay on track and reach the goals you are striving for.


Wondering what kind of support you’ll get?

We’ve got you covered. Included in the cost of each course is a 1-1 30-minute personal consult with your instructor, popular business coach, Stephanie Redcross-West. Additionally, each month Stephanie holds a 1-hour group Q&A session, at which time any student taking a course (within 12 months of registering) can dial in to get their questions answered. Or you can leave a question in the comments section of the course you are taking at any time and it will be answered within 48hours.

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