Grow A Business That Supports Your Vegan Passion

Whether you are a vegan book author, entrepreneur, retailer, chef, nutritionist, blogger, or jack-of-all-trades, Vegan Mainstream’s courses are designed to help you think like a marketing maven of your own brand, product or business.

Wondering if these courses are for you? We want to make sure that each course will be of benefit to you, so we have put together a few preview lessons that you can check out now for FREE! These lessons will give you a feel for the way the course and platform work, and for the type of content you can expect.

Sneak Peek: The Profitable Coach

Sneak Peek: The Building Blocks for Sold Out Cooking Classes


We put you in the driver seat. Discover new tools, keep your current skills up-to-date and learn professional tips to propel your brand to unimaginable success in 2018 and beyond. If you are vegan and you run or manage a business, we have something amazing for you!

Build Your Skills

Take An Online Course


We offer a variety of online courses which will help you build important skills to run your vegan business more efficiently. Our course offerings range from topics like email marketing to building your coaching business, and much more. They are based on the needs of the clients we have worked with over the years, and key concepts we have seen to make the most difference in business success.


There are so many tools out there, it can be overwhelming to not only choose one, but to then learn how to get the most benefit out of it for your vegan business. Our online courses walk you through tried and true tools that will increase productivity in a variety of key business areas. Learn how to pick the most useful ones for YOUR business, and how to implement them to your greatest advantage.


We know that vegan entrepreneurs are busy people. That's why our online courses are set up in such a way that you can learn at your own pace, and yet still be challenged to find the time to complete the tasks at hand. While much of the coursework can be done at your own convenience, many of the courses also include live sessions to help you stay on track and reach the goals you are striving for.


Wondering what kind of support you’ll get? We’ve got you covered. Included in the cost of each course is a 1-1 30-minute personal consult with your instructor, Stephanie Redcross West. Additionally, each week Stephanie will be available for a 30-minute group Q&A session, at which time any student taking the course (within 6 months of registering) can dial in to get their questions answered.

Four Courses To Choose From:

Ready to Grow: The Profitable Coach: Just because you’re a great coach doesn’t mean you automatically know all the ins and outs of running a successful business. If you’ve been struggling to find clients or bring in enough income to support yourself, if you’re looking for ways to grow your existing coaching business, this is the course for you! Find out how this online program can help you develop an actionable plan to take your business to the next level. Learn more...

The Building Blocks For Sold Out Cooking Classes: If you want to learn how to fill your cooking classes, including game-changing techniques that will make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective, join us in this fun, interactive course specifically designed for cooking instructors. Learn how to create - and execute - a comprehensive marketing and sales plan that will have you on the road to better sales in no time! Learn more...

500 Subscribers Fast: 30-Day List-Building Plan: You know you need to build your email list, right? The real challenge is knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively. In this course, we will show you how to attract and capture your ideal subscribers - and how to implement easy strategies that will help you get that list growing almost immediately! But this is not just a quick grab for list subscribers. We know that a sustainable process that helps generate new interest in your business every week is essential to fuelling ongoing sales, and to help you achieve that we have developed this 30-day plan that you can start implementing today! Learn more...

Vegan Business Bootcamp: Taking The Luck Out Of Long-Term Success: As you begin to create the business of your dreams, this program can help you to systematically build the infrastructure that will help you on the road to long-term business success. Learn to avoid pitfalls, and skillfully navigate the world of vegan business from those who have already done it successfully! Varying levels of support are available, depending on your needs. The BETA Course for this amazing program starts December 15, 2018. Learn more...