LESSON 1: Designing A Cooking Class That Sets You Up For Success

Welcome to Lesson 1 of The Savvy Instructor! This lesson is all about setting up a solid structure around your cooking class business, and I want to start by encouraging you to start to see yourself not only as a teacher or instructor, but as a business person too...

LET'S TALK: Having confidence is very important when you are running your business because it will help you to make quick decisions, and there are going to be plenty of decisions to make! Building this confidence may not happen overnight, but it starts with practice...

LET'S TALK: In this video I talk about 3 things you need to consider as you are building the foundation around your cooking class business: time, food and resources. Let's dive in!

LET'S TALK: Where do you think your business is going to be 12 months from now? In this video we'll review why goal setting is so crucial to the success of your business, and how setting some will help you in the process of working through this course.

HOW TO: Creating leverage in your business is an important way to make the most of the efforts you are putting into your business every day. Here we'll start brainstorming and getting the juices flowing on how you can actually go about finding that valuable leverage...

HOW TO: Creating monthly themes or topics for your cooking class business is a good way to anchor your content and organize your planning for the year ahead. It will help you to naturally build diversity into your business, and be a jumping point for a whole lot of inspiration!

Before you move on to Lesson 2, there are a few action items you should have completed for Lesson 1. Please download the worksheet, review the tasks, and finish up any of the following:

-- What time, food and resources do you need for your classes? Using the worksheet, record your thoughts

-- Brainstorm 1 - 2 ways to find leverage in your cooking class business

-- Having given some thought to what your biz will look like in a year, write down 2-3 things that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months

-- Brainstorm a list of monthly themes or topics that you could use in your business for the next 6 or 12 months

Once you have completed these action items, you’re ready to move on to Lesson 2.