LESSON 4: Achieving Your Full Potential -- Managing Distractions

Welcome to Lesson 4! We are going to be talking about tips and tools that can help you unlock your potential. Come get inspired!

LET'S TALK: When you are running a business, it's important to understand that if you wait until you know everything to start, you'll never get started. You have to JUST START, and it's ok to learn as you go...join me for more...

LET'S TALK: Do you know the difference between a roadblock and a hiccup? If not, you need to! Let's talk about why...

LET'S TALK: In this video we will start to look at project planning -- how to do it, and how planning can really help you get things done.

LET'S TALK: Today I want you to celebrate a win. Doing this is important! Let's talk about why...

HOW TO: Are you using to-do lists in your cooking class biz, and more importantly are you using them effectively? In this video I give you tips on how to use this tool most efficiently. Step-by-step -- let's do it!

HOW TO: What happens when you're feeling stuck? One of the big things we need to learn how to manage as business owners is the emotional roller coaster that we can find ourselves on as things go well - or not so well - in our business (because this can be one of the biggest distractions of all!). In this video I address this, and teach you some strategies that will help you avoid letting that roller coaster put you into a place where you have a hard time moving forward.

HOW TO: Setting up a good operating rhythm - the process around how you run your business - is one of the best ways to manage distractions. In this how-to video we go through what your operation rhythm might look like and get you started on thinking about the pieces you need to put in place to create the rhythm that is going to work best for you and your biz.

Before you move on to Lesson 5, there are a few action items you should have completed for Lesson 4. Please download the worksheet, review the tasks, and finish up any of the following:

-- Pick one improvement you would like to make in your business and develop a project plan to complete it

-- Pick dates or times you will plan and and execute this improvement each month

-- Add the “before 11am” feature to your approach to managing your daily to-do list

Once you have completed these action items, you’re ready to move on to Lesson 5.