Lesson 1: Digital Isn't A Phase, It is Viable Business Option

As you jump into the online space it’s important to shift your mindset. I would like to caution you against thinking of your online classes as simply a retrofit of an offline class. Instead, think about how your digital classes yield their own experience. How do they become something that is really a standalone product/service? It may be tempting to think this is just a temporary thing,  just something you have to do “for now”. But what if these digital classes are the beginning of a new revenue-generating business model for you? What if this is a new way to help more people? What if this is a way for you to reach people you weren't able to reach in your traditional in-person classes? Resist the urge to think of your online classes as a stop-gap and be sure to give them the attention and love they deserve. 

I'm asking you to think this way for two reasons: first, if you’re going to do this right, it’s going to take some work. Make sure that you're committed to putting your whole heart into it, dedicating the time and energy that it WILL take to get your digital classes off the ground. If you're thinking that this is only a temporary thorn in your side your digital classes will not get the attention they will take to fly. And if that’s the case you likely won’t get everything out of this course that you could. So please start this course with an open mind, with optimism and with excitement about the potential that lies ahead. 

The second reason I am asking you to really commit to this mindset shift is that I really want this course and our time together to show you that virtual and digital classes can be a viable offering in your business, pandemic or no pandemic. If you’ve been struggling to make things work with in-person classes alone, the online world really does offer a lot of potential. This is your chance to unleash it!