LESSON 6: Outlining the Options -- Types Of Services To Offer Your Clients

Welcome to Lesson 6! Here we're going to be talking about your business offering and how - and why - you might want to consider diversifying it. I'm going to challenge you here to think about how you can go beyond the norm and help people more. The reason for this is that people often need different types of support to succeed in the long term, so it's a real benefit to your customers (and an advantage to your business) if you have some different types of offerings. Ready to dive in?

LET'S TALK: In this video I want to talk to you about how offering programs can help you to help your clients and customers better. There are lots of ways you can set programs up, and lots of different advantages for your clients, and for your business too. Let's talk about the possibilities...

LET'S TALK: Have you considered coaching in groups? There are many benefits to setting up this type of offering, once again to both you and your clients. I want to inspire you to think of different ways you can reach people and offer them what they need in a format that resonates with them. So let's talk about groups...

LET'S TALK: Here we're going to chat about some of the key elements that can help you diversify your offering. This doesn't have to take a lot of extra effort or time on your part, but if you do this right, it can be of huge benefit to your clients and customers. Intrigued? Let's talk...

The path to profitability is created by ensuring your offerings can help you secure higher revenue per customer. In this lesson, we will discuss six options that you should consider as you evaluate your offering to ensure your services can help you generate the revenue your business needs.


Before you move on to Lesson 7, please complete this action item for Lesson 6. Download the worksheet and finish up the following:

-- Using the worksheet as a guide start to think about or envision an individual or group program that could help you generate more revenue

Once you have completed this action item, you’re ready to move on to Lesson 7.