Vegan Business Bootcamp: Taking The Luck Out Of Long-Term Success

A 12-Month Roadmap To Sustainable, Profitable Venture

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In the beginning stages of a business, lots of experimentation takes place. There’s so much to be done, and so many new experiences - firsts - to be had! But after a few wins, like launching a successful online store, selling a few online courses or booking your first big coaching client, at some point you have to make the transition from start-up mode to understanding what it is going to take to keep your business afloat for the long-term. This can be a difficult transition to navigate as a business owner, and the right kind of support at this stage of the game can make the difference between “making it” or not.. This 12-month course is designed to guide business owners in that transitional phase through the process of planning for current and future business growth. It addresses how to overcome the many obstacles associated with creating and growing a sustainable business.

Throughout the weeks of this course you will work through assignments pertinent to the topic of the month. These assignments will help you to build and maintain the infrastructure you will need to give your business sure and steady footing on the road to lasting success. During our monthly group conference calls you’ll have the opportunity to discuss triumphs and challenges with your instructor, Stephanie Redcross, and your fellow entrepreneurs. As you need more support, get your questions answered during our weekly office hours. As an added bonus you will receive a 1-hour 1-1 consult with Stephanie in which you can access some invaluable personalized business advice.

BETA Course Starts December 15, 2018

As of Dec 15th, modules will be released weekly.

Month #1

Module: The Brand & The Vision
To get others on board with what you do, you must first be able to define the experience a customer will have when interacting with your business. Learn how to make every contact with your customers count by defining your brand experience and delivering amazing customer service. Plus, determine long-term goals for your business.
  • Changing the world one business at a time -- creating a vision for your brand
  • Avoiding the trap -- are you running a business or a hobby?
  • Staying unique in a growing market
  • Outlining your plans -- what type of business will you be in 12 to 36 months?
  • Is big always better? The virtues of running a successful small vegan business

Month #2
Module: Naming The Numbers: A Roadmap To Sound Business Finances
Numbers can be intimidating to many new business owners. The spreadsheets, accounting and budgeting are often the last item on the “to-do” list. However, getting your business finances organized is a critical part of running a successful business. Not only will this provide you with insight into the health of your business, but many opportunities for growth can be found through proper cost management and financial planning. It can help you answer questions like: how many more customers do I need to make 20% more revenue per month? Am I spending too much money on the project that makes the least amount of money? Learn how to manage your business numbers with ease, and turn them into your allies.
  • The top 5 numbers to help you monitor the health of your business
  • Managing your business within a budget
  • Using data to drive action and business success
  • From data analysis to business growth
  • Tracking campaign results & using them to make evidence-based decisions
  • Eight financial reports you need

Month #3:
Module: Getting It Right -- Honing Your Product/Service/Offering
Nothing is more important than what you have to offer...after all, not even the most brilliant sales person will be able to make a long-term sustainable business based on a product or service that nobody wants or needs. So in this module we will take a look at what you are offering and ensure that you have a strong base to jump from...and if you need to tweak it, you will find the ideas you need to do so here. Sometimes making your offering more sustainable has a lot to do with how, where and to whom you present it. You will learn tips on how to evaluate the strength of your offering, and what you can do to make it even stronger.
  • The importance of developing multiple revenue sources
  • Finding margins -- is your offering strong enough to make the money you need?
  • Flagship offers vs. duds -- evaluating your product/service offering
  • Creating upsells & downsells
  • What do you do when the product is YOU?

Month #4:
Module: Cutting Through The Noise Marketing Magic Part 1
In the early stages of business, sometimes it can feel like every week someone is telling you about a cool new way to market your product or service. Your challenge is to take all these ideas and try to determine which ones will work for you and your business. In this module, we will discuss how to approach the sea of marketing ideas, selecting the GREAT ones that will work especially well for your particular situation. To ground the discussion, we will talk about some foundational marketing concepts that all business owners should be aware of, then move on to discuss the best process for prioritizing and evaluating additional marketing approaches.
  • Cherry picking the best marketing ideas for your business
  • Social selling — stop sucking at social media
  • Why you need a lead magnet
  • Building personas -- how to find your customers

Month #5:
Module: Biz Buzz - Marketing Magic Part 2
Whether you’re trying to secure your first large-scale client, book that big deal, sell tickets for your next class, or generate buzz about your product, you must have a reliable process in place to convert prospects into customers. This module will explore tools and techniques to find, nurture, and engage new customers/clients so that you can develop a consistent revenue stream.
  • Chat time -- how to start the conversation, and keep it going
  • Funnels for success -- establishing breadcrumbs to lead your customers to your sales pages
  • Educating your customers -- how to do it right
  • Why you need an email list, and how to start one
  • Using giveaways to establish your expertise

Month #6
Module: Making The Sale - Understanding Cycles For More Conversion Success
When you get to the point of looking for a big wholesale deal, a large consulting project or a client partnership, you will need a process to track opportunities as they move through the sales cycle. For every purchase your customers/clients make, they go through a series of steps to decide if your product/service is right for them. Understanding this process can give you invaluable insight into how to grow your business. In this module we will explore 5 key steps in a sales process and discuss how you can institute processes like pipeline management to better move these deals and opportunities along. During these lessons, we will talk about how you can develop content, training, touch-points and information along the way to produce larger and faster conversions.
  • Track your business’s sales cycle -- listen, entice, educate, convert & nurture
  • Developing your sales funnels -- what you need to know
  • Managing a pipeline like a pro
  • Rolling up your sleeves: how to build successful revenue streams
  • Is it working? Why and how to tracking & measuring results

Month #7
Module: Smooth Moves -- Setting Up Logistics & Using Tools
To get more out of the time you spend at work each day, and make your business more efficient, establishing repeatable processes and implementing tools for collaboration, data storage, project management and customer service are critical. Not only can they help your business run more smoothly, but they can affect your bottom line by saving money on inefficiencies, and facilitating easier growth. In this module we will cover some of the key tools that you will want to have in place moving forward so that you have a clear understanding of why AND how to set them up.
  • Client Management Tools (CRMs) -- why and how to use them for the biggest impact
  • Getting started -- deciding which tools to use for free, and which ones to pay for
  • Tool time: advice on the best tools in the biz by application
  • Making a selling machine: our top 5 tool picks

Month #8:
Module: Let’s Get Automated! -- Tips For Automating Your Business (Without Losing That Personal Touch)
There will come a point in your business when you start to realize that you could be a lot more efficient, and your reach could be that much wider, if you had certain tasks automated. This allows you not only to stay in better touch with existing customers, but also to reach out to an even wider audience. However, there are good and bad ways to go about automating - and parts of your business automation will work beautifully for, and other parts that it won’t. That’s what you’ll learn about in this module. It’s all about the whys and hows of automating the right parts of your business, how to go about it, and the best tools to use for the job.
  • Leveraging autoresponders to keep the conversation going
  • Making A Selling Machine: Our Top 5 Tools
  • Rethinking customer engagement
  • Keeping things personal
  • Automating with a personal touch

Month #9:
Module: The Magic Of Networking & Exposure -- Finding & Using The People Who Can Help You Get Where You Want To Go
When you’re building a business, it’s much more difficult to do it on your own than to engage the help of others. Many business owners underestimate the power of matching individual hard work with partnership opportunities; indeed these two things together can help a business experience a significant boost. During this module, we will discuss the importance of building a professional network that will help you meet your business goals, and the value of taking advantage of the right kind of exposure.
  • Building relationships for business - how to network with a purpose
  • Leveraging speaker engagements to make yourself known
  • Keeping in touch with your network overtime
  • Knowing when and how to ask for help from the people you know
  • How to establish yourself as an industry leader (and the importance of doing so)

Month #10:
Module: A Team Effort -- Hiring Freelancers & Outsourcing Projects
As a business owner you will often wear various hats. However, with a limited number of hours in the day, it can be difficult to get everything done. This means you have to find a way to do more without breaking the budget. In this module, we will talk about creative ways to get the help you need without expanding or hiring resources you really don’t need on a full-time basis.
  • When to hire vs. doing it yourself
  • Identifying resource gaps
  • Picking the best candidate
  • Learning what to outsource
  • Identifying surge resources
  • Hiring great candidates
  • Building a virtual team
  • Eliminating rework

Month #11:
Module: Fix It! -- Don’t Let Your Biz Blisters Fester
There are bound to be issues and problems that you need to deal with in the first, second and third years of your business - and into the future too! Problems are just one part of doing business (and life), after all. But the important thing is not letting those small problems, or business blisters, fester and turn into BIG problems that are much harder (and usually more costly and time consuming) to deal with. This module is all about avoiding those pitfalls and making sure that small problems don’t become permanent damage.
  • Feeling stuck? How to fix t, reset it or turn it around
  • Creating a wishlist for problems -- why the time to do it is now
  • Allocating time to fix problems

Month #12:
Module: Planning For Success -- Integrating Planning Into Your Year
Goal-setting is an important part of any long-term sustainable business, and yet it’s an area where many business owners fall short in their first years in business. Don’t make this mistake! In this module you will learn goal-setting techniques to start every year off right. We will discuss why the time you spend setting goals is time WELL spent, regardless of whether you are newbie in business or a long-time business owner. In addition, this module will inspire you to change the way you organize your days and weeks so you never lose sight of your goals. Understand the benefits of translating your goals into tangible tasks with owners and timelines, and how this will help you get the results you want on a consistent basis.
  • Setting 60- & 90-day targets and plans
  • How to prioritize and get it done
  • Setting the tone -- planning for a successful business year
  • Lights, camera, action -- rolling out your plans with style
  • Planning your year in advance -- why to do it, and how to make it easy

Bonus Module:
Have A Life! -- Carving Out Time For Yourself, Friends and Family
Being a successful business owner is synonymous with being a HAPPY business owner (in our minds). This BONUS module focuses on how to balance your passion for your vegan business with the needs of your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. After all, if you’re not happy, your business won’t last for very long! Learn some key tricks and tips for staying sane when your business life gets insane. Find out how to cope with the hard things that get thrown your way, and how to recover from that day.

Your Instructor

Stephanie Redcross
Stephanie Redcross

Stephanie Redcross is the Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream, a unique marketing consulting company especially for vegan entrepreneurs and professionals. Since 2009 Stephanie has been developing tools, training and support for the brave individuals who are starting and running vegan businesses all over the world. She was well-equipped to do this, with more than 15 years of marketing experience with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Since then Stephanie has been a frequent speaker at vegfest, conferences and even her own bootcamp series. Through these types of engagements, and her day-to-day work with Vegan Mainstream, Stephanie inspires others to turn their vegan passion into successful businesses. Known for her impactful 1-on-1 consulting and business coaching services, Stephanie’s clients testify to the difference their work with Vegan Mainstream has made. In an effort to make her services available to more people, and practical for busy vegan entrepreneurs, in 2014 Stephanie started offering online and team-training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of being part of the BETA course?
Participants in the BETA course will receive a 50% discount on the original price of the course in exchange for detailed feedback on course content. Do you love being part of something bigger? This is your opportunity to have an impact on shaping the content of this course, which is for business owners and entrepreneurs just like you! We will take every piece of feedback you provide to heart, and use your suggestions to make the course even better.
How does the BETA course work?
The BETA course starts on December 15th. Starting Dec 12th, modules will be released weekly. Everything else is the same as the regular course.
What will be required of me as a participant in the BETA course?
1) You will be asked to complete 3 surveys during the course to provide feedback; you can also post feedback anytime within the course comment section. 2) You might be randomly selected for a 20-minute feedback call with a Vegan Mainstream team member. 3) You may be asked to provide a testimonial that will be shared publicly and in future marketing materials.
What format is the course content delivered in?
Our course content includes a variety of formats, including online training videos, written materials, to-do lists and case studies.
How long do I have to complete the course?
The course will be available to you for the 18 months following your sign-up date in case you need a refresher or would like to revisit any of the training. If, after 18 months you still want more time, just email us and we will extend your access for another year for FREE!
Can I get a refund if the BETA course is not right for me?
Our goal is to help vegans succeed in business. If you sign up to be part of the BETA course and find that it is not helping you, send us an email in the first 20 days from the Beta Launch date to let us know why it didn’t work out, and we’d be happy to give you a full refund.
How is this course different from other business training courses I can find online?
We work with entrepreneurs who are looking to move the vegan movement forward through successful vegan business ventures. For that reason we look at the business world through a specialized lens, and are able to help people from this unique vantage point. We know there are plenty of business training platforms available online, but what we offer is expertise and experience specific to the vegan business world. We love the passion, determination and commitment of people who want to make this world a better place, and we think that’s a pretty amazing thing to support!

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